Our Mission

Tired of seeing someone with the exact same outfit as you when you walk right out the door? What about when you’re scrolling on Instagram and you say to yourself “I have that same outfit in my closet”? At EzClothin our mission is to create and showcase the hottest fashion trends in African print. Our designs are exclusive pieces that only a selective few can get their hands on. Not only is 95% of the designs seen custom made just for you, the prints we select are also exclusive and hard to source so everything you find is uniquely yours. We aim to create a platform of modernized, unique and bold clothing in African print for our young women. We want to create a memorable experience for our young women, make them feel confident, sexy and comfortable wearing EzClothin. 

The Designer 

Founded in 2015, Seiko Du has been the designer and creative director behind EzClothin. Born in Ghana, Seiko got her inspiration from the culture, the people, and eye catching tribal prints. Growing up Seiko has always had a passion for fashion. Born in Africa but raised in the U.S she got the idea to create clothing for millennials in the diaspora that are proud of their African heritage. She uses her African roots along with today’s fashion to create WOW! designs. She uses patterns and cuts from every cloth to transform and revolutionized the clothing industry. 

Creating Jobs in Africa & Giving Back 

You made this possible! In the past few years you’ve helped us grow tremendously and due to the outpouring support we’ve been able to hire tailors in the Ghanaian community to produce our garments - this means you’re helping us create jobs in Ghana! We hope to expand our production by the end of 2022 by building our very own factory sites. Our mission is to increase the number of jobs already created every year. It's so important for us to put money back into the county that made us what we are today. 

During the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 so many underserved and underprivileged communities were affected and many lives were lost. It was important for us to give back and keep our community as safe as possible. In collaboration with BY ATTAA, our team handmade thousands of masks and purchased hundreds amount of hand sanitizers to donate. 


We’ve collaborated with influencers, prestigious universities and organizations around the United States in hopes to share and educate about the African culture through clothing. Some of these universities include: Howard University, Cornell University, St. John’s University, Binghamton University, University of Virginia, Georgetown University, Old Dominion University, University of Miami and so much more.